Sunday, August 16, 2015

Baby Safety

Today I am going to step up on my soapbox for a minute to discuss baby safety.  I belong to a number of photographer groups on facebook and today someone proudly posted a photo they took of a baby in a glass bowl...

This literally makes every bone in my body want to scream.  Glass breaks.  Without warning.

 (This isn't the photo...this is just to make a point.)

She thought it was did many of her friends.  I was told that I was being self righteous and beating a dead horse by pointing out how unsafe this is and what could happen to baby if that glass breaks.  That's okay, I would rather beat a dead horse than have a dead baby.

Many shots that you see of hanging babies, babies balanced on things, in the "froggy" pose and many others are composites.  That means two or more images are merged together to form one image.  Here is an example of a finished product:

Here are the images used to form this image:

 Dreamcatcher shot hanging by itself.

Baby safe on an ottoman, not hanging, with a spotter right next to her.

There are some poses that I will do with babies and there are others I will not.  If I were asked to put a baby in anything glass the answer would be absolutely not.  Clear plastic bowl or vase?  Again absolutely not.  Plastic breaks too.

End of my soapbox - for today at least.

Be safe my friends.

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