Thursday, October 10, 2013

Qualifications - Solon Portrait Photographer

Recently I was looking on Craigslist for, well, I guess a little bit of everything.  I like to look under furniture for cool pieces that I can refinish and use in the studio.  My daughter is expecting in November, so there is a plethora of baby items to look at.  I'm in the process of selling my motorcycle, so I need to update that post to keep it fresh.  (It breaks my heart, but we just don't ride very often and the money could really be used elsewhere.)  Craigslist is like a dark hole...once you go in it's a while before you come out the other side.  lol

I always look under the art/media job listings as well.  You never know, someone may be looking for a photographer to capture all the wonder of their newest addition to the family.  Someone to capture all the details of this awesome little person that is truly a miracle.  You know, what I live and breathe photography for...

In scrolling thru the listings I came across a post for our local "big box photo studio".  I will play nice and not name names...  They are looking for a photographer responsible for creating images of your precious little people.  Requirements are, well there aren't any - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

I think I died a little bit inside...seriously.

I understand that custom portraiture is an investment and not for everyone.  Crafting memories and creating personalized products that can be enjoyed for generations is a job that carries a lot of responsibility and weight, and demands finesse and skill. With professional photography, as with so much of life, you get what you pay for.

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